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Hey ya'll, it's me Kristi O'Connell, Senior Branding and Design Manager at The Branded Clover.  I'm the gal behind the camera for every image on my site.  I am a native Texan, with a "twang" in my heart.  

When I was growing up all the girls my age wanted to be Samantha Micelli, but me... I wanted to be Angela Bower from "Who's The Boss."  So I graduated from college with my degree in Marketing, went on a couple of interviews, and realized that my idea of Marketing and the jobs I was interviewing for were not one in the same. It was during this reinvention phase, I picked up my second love, photography, and turned it into a thriving business! 

Since 2008 I have been working in the wedding industry as a photographer, running my own small biz, and I'll admit… making some mistakes along the way.  My biggest mistake was thinking that I could play every role in my company expertly.  "To save money," I was spinning all the wheels, and those never seemed to actually meet the road and take off. I found myself on a perpetual cycle, that kept me busy but had no room for growth.

In 2017, I had a major health scare, and because I had spent so many years spinning in one place, I never grew past what was happening in that moment.  Essentially, take me out of being able to photograph weddings, and the business was done.  I hadn't grown; I had no plan B, and no employees to back me up.  You know what they say about hindsight? I tell you this, because it actually came as a great blessing. One month after my health scare, I took a position with a company that had me 100% working with vendors in the wedding industry.  I was pitching several marketing products such as print, online, and bridal shows to my clients.  In my prep for these meetings, I was looking at websites, and social media desperately looking for “their” story.  So very often I went into my appointments not knowing more than the basic service these vendors provided.  It was in these face to face meetings, when we were talking, and I was hearing their story, that I really felt the depth of their need for Branding. 

Branding is the crucial first step, the foundation of any company.  Branding is the "Trust" and the “Why?” a client chooses you over a competitor.  Your Brand Identity is your story, and you have 2 options...

1.     You can be the author of your own compelling story.

2.     You can let others guess, and make assumptions for you.

Branding is fun, it’s your personality in imagery, your social media presence, your style, the way your website grabs the user’s attention, your logo, and the way you engage with your potential clients.  And guess what? I can help you with all of that, I can teach you how to do it, so you can spend less time self teaching, and more time doing the business you love.  Sound Good? Pop over to the contact page and give me a buzz!

xoxo Kristi

Mission Statement:

The Branded Clover is a Branding & Design Studio that helps creative entrepreneurs with their “Brand Identity.” Through graphic design, website styling, branded photography sessions, brand coaching, brand generation, and one on one mentoring for social media, we help companies to create this vital step to their businesses success.  In everything we do, and create we hold ourselves to the highest standards of morality, and integrity.  Our goal is always to provide a service to companies, from a source they can trust.