The Transformation Of A City Girl *Montgomery Tx Photographer*

“Every Brave Act Started With An Element Of Fear”

So here we are… at the beginning of our new chapter.  We just made a giant leap and left the only life our kids have ever really known in the suburbs of Sugar Land….

We have talked and spent so much time dreaming of having a second place in the country, then always talked ourselves out of it, knowing our lives were just to busy to make it a realistic dream.

Then about two years ago, after we had really just settled into our new Sugar Land house, we found that my husbands job would be moving North.  It was kind of one of those, God has other plans for you moments.

As beautiful as the Woodlands is, I knew instantly that if we ever wanted to have that “country life” we had to move to the country, and our hearts opened to the idea.  While the getting here took over two years from that moment, the actual leap to buying our “mini farm” was pretty much a blind jump, a total leap of faith.  Prior to purchasing our new house we had been to the town of Montgomery three times!

So here we are, our new home.

4 acres of perfection on an 8 acre lake that is itching for a little TLC, purchased from a family that loved their life here.

There is tons of room for exploring, creating, growing and discovering.

We can’t wait to bring every corner back to life.

My littlest explorers are loving their new home, pockets full of flowers and treasures are in abundance!

Our first town experience as residents was the 4th of July festival.  Blue Blazes it was hot but so much fun. We enjoyed a wonderful parade, bouncy houses and  cast our ballots for the barbecue cook-off.

After one month of country living about to be checked off,  the only thought my husband and I have had is “Why did we wait so long to do this?”

Have a blessed one!



*I will be reopening my photography business mid September and gearing up for a limited number of fall sessions on our new property.  I hope you will come out and see me and enjoy our beautiful waterfront location! Please email, or call to book your appointment: 713-882-7433

Cindy - July 20, 2015 - 2:14 pm

Hi Kristi! Glad to see you and your family loving the country! We would love to take pictures in the fall!!
Take Care,