A room in our heart *Montogomery Tx Family Photographer*

“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room  in our hearts”

Such a beautiful and still so in love couple.  I have know these two since I was in college and all three of us worked for GTE in the dawn of mass produced cell phone users.  When two cell phones in a family made you a high roller, when you still had a choice between anolog and this new “digital craze”, before there was internet and access to games like candy crush 24/7.  We were the “pushers” of the late 90’s!  Back then she would pop by our little booth in the mall, and they would make swoony eyes at eachother.  It was obvious they would be smitten forever!  I attended their wedding, graduated from college and moved …what I thought was far from home, but realistically about an hour away, so I was totally shocked when these two walked through the doors of my kids school, with their own brood in tow.  So now 18 years and 10 kids later we are still friends, but I have to say… I moved again… and they still followed.. but for pictures this time!

I wish you and you sweet family nothing but happiness!

Thank you for being my friends and making the drive to see me, it was truly a joy photographing your family!