An Ugly Cry and a Thirteen Year Old *Montgomery Texas Photographer*

… You know the cry, it starts down deep and comes at you like a volcanic explosion, usually hyperventillation, tears and an excess of other facial fluids.  It has happend to me, blessedly twice on two joyous occassions.  The first time I “ugly cried” was when my husband proposed and the second, when the ultrasound technician told me my third child was a girl… cue Volcanic exploxion of happy emotions.  Emotion that is so gutteral that people don’t know how to react.  In this case, they called a doctor!  I love my boys and when I found out I was expecting a third, I just assumed she would be a boy, I buried those hopes for a little girl so deep my joy overflowed that day.

This beautiful girl has been a source of joy, fun and love since day one.  She is so much like me that I worried for a bit we would clash, but its as if God just took the best bits of both her parents and rolled them up into this precious “teenage” girl that we are forever blessed to call ours!

She loves Volleyball and baby chicks, exploring and playing, and she’s as smart as she is lovely!


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