Just a blink *Kristi O’Connell Lifestyle Photography*

Here we are with our 40 year age difference, I often wonder what it will be like, if I will be blessed to still be here experiencing life with this girl when I am 80 and she 40.  If she has a daughter will I be able to raise her high above my head or will she be placed in my frail arms while someone helps me to hold her.  Life is full of so many mysteries and the path of knowledge is definatley one of patience.  Patience of waiting for the unswers to unfold and then worrying why you ever rushed to know the answers or God’s wonderful plan for you.  Life can often be about forgotten memories, yesterday I let her play in the tupperware drawer, but I had forgotten how fun that little drawer is to an exploring toddler.  We also did these pictures yesterday, she is all about the mommy cling right now, so I stopped the work and enlisted the help of our 11 year old.  This is what we have; moments of playing “giddy up”, soaring above my head, sloppy baby kisses and great big bear hugs, and sometimes just sitting side by side.

I have to confess, I wanted to over edit these, pinch in my waist, give my self extra dewy skin, fix all the lighting flaws…. but in the end if I had, they would still be sitting in a file waiting for someday.  Maybe you don’t have a “good camera”, maybe you could use an inch or two pinched (most of us could), maybe your room is a miss match of furniture from your 3 previous homes (like mine)… just stop, who cares… don’t try to be like someone elses instagram, someones perfect catalog home, someones perfect (with the help of PS body) just be… there in each moment, and for goodness sake… take a picture!



Vickie - July 1, 2016 - 1:14 pm

Absolutely beautiful! Kristi you are amazing.