Amarillo by Morning *Montogomery Family Photographer*

Where’s the bubble wrap?

I have been dreading it for days, counting down the opportunities to see him until he departs once again for college.  I have seen my friends posts as each one sends “one, two or even three babies”, back out into the world of adulthood.  Why is it so hard?

I am reminded of a water color print I gave my mom a billion years ago when I was a teenager.  It said “a mother holds her children’s hands for a little while, but their hearts forever”  Gosh, in hind sight that saying in like a stab in the heart for a parent.  Who cares if it’s true, a lovely sentiment, but it doesn’t dull the loss of energy.  The energy only that “one” child brings to his family, the completeness.  Tonight we will only need eight plates for dinner, tomorrow he will not be there for his baby sister to run to with open arms. Sunday we will go to church with only six kids in tow.  We will be incomplete… We will be reminded that they are only ours to raise, to house, to watch grow for a short time.  I think it’s God’s way of pulling the band aid off ever so slowly.

And so, as his final minutes at home remained… in the 10 minutes I had… between picking up one sibling and another,  I took a precious minute with just me and this kid.  The boy I use to sneak out of bed and snuggle with (on nights when my own college and work days took me away from him), the independent one who would ask “mommy, how did I get in your bed”  only to accept my lie “you must of had a bad dream” without further question.

52 days till Spring Break!