Branding Photography Tips *The Branded Clover*

The Importance of the “Head Shot” or as I prefer “Branding Portrait Session.”
When was the last time that you looked at your personal imagery? What does it say about you? Is it the message you wish to convey to a potential client. Are you smiling, stoic, dressed to impress? Anyone who knows me knows I am passionate about Branding, and its mega roll in your company. Branding is the trust behind your business, the first impression, the reason why people want to get to know more about you. I am consistently reinforcing my brand. Take a look at my Instagram feed, you will see “moi” every 9-12 images. Why do you see me so frequently? The answer is not that I am an ego maniac “haha” but because social media is an ongoing conversation between you (the business owner) and your businesses story. So how is a branding portrait session different from the headshots of yesteryear?

1. Images showcase a variety of moods : playful, business, serious, creative, happy, reflective
2. Images are polished and professional but have a true authenticity to them
3. Images leave people wanting more; wanting to know more about you, your business
4. Images should inspire people to take action; walk up to you in a crowd, send you that email, text, or phone call.
5. Images should convey value to the potential buyer; do they see you as a hard worker?

The number one “RULE” in branding is “Be True To Who You Are,” I changed the name of my company to The Branded Clover two months ago. In that time frame, I have heard “Hey it’s the Branded Clover,” and “I love what you are doing with The Branded Clover”, even “I know you, you are Kristi, right?” To every single one of those comments I reply, “Yes, that’s awesome, where have you seen me?” Everyone comes back to Instagram, and other Social Media platforms. Utilizing great imagery, on social media platforms is a constant introduction, which will convert followers into leads, fans, and friends!
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