About Kristi O’Connell

Hey There,

I am Kristi – Photographer, Branding Expert, Business Consultant, and BOSS BABE at The Branded Clover.  I have been a creative my entire life, you know the type… all my markers had to be in rainbow order before I could start a project.  I was blessed to have a grandmother who was an artist so, in the first grade, when I asked for a camera for Christmas she was more than happy to oblige. In high school I took my first formal film class.  It was here that I received my first blue ribbon, for a photograph that I had received a “D” on from my professor.  Can you say “artistic difference?”  In college I started off as an Advertising Art Major, but everyone said, “there will never be any money in that.”  These days it is formally called graphic design, hindsight right?  In 2000 with my B.A. in Marketing in hand, I ventured out into the “real” world.  I had busted my arse to get there, and you guys, I will admit I was tired of it.  So when my new husband said, “stay home, raise babies,” I jumped at it.  It was truly a great gift, but the one thing that was “mine” was my photography.  About 3 years, and 3 kids into my stay at home routine, I saw a photography contest in a local magazine.  I entered an image of my 8 month old daughter, caught on film.  I won the contest, which was a 500.00 prize, and had my image featured in the Texas Mint Magazine.

My story goes on, it’s long, and probably boring… but it leads me to here.  2018, I actually don’t know how many weddings I have photographed, but I know that I have never seen two that were alike.  I love the personal interaction with my clients that spending 8-10 hours with them, on one of the most important days of their lives brings.  I have simplified my pricing.  I only have one package.  It’s a no bull, kind of deal. I am there to photograph your day, in the most editorial way I can, with 100% of my effort, and ability every time.

If you visit my website you will see, that I have my hands in a few baskets.  I have simply been in the wedding industry for so long now; I have so many skill sets that I can share, not only with my couples through photography, but with other vendors in this industry.  So I am only opening my calendar to 6 ish weddings a year, and hoping to attract couples that are looking for an epic story teller, couples who will take the money they save on my services, and create those little details that make their story that much more magical.  And if it is important to you, since that blue ribbon, I have been published locally and nationally 7 times.  I would love to meet up for a coffee, talk about weddings, love, and roads ahead.